Team Build With Your Custom Culinary Experience

Join us in the Hobby Hill Classroom in Powhatan, Virginia and

learn how to make delicious dishes while bonding with your team!

Our Corporate Cooking Classes include all the ingredients, supplies, training and

support you'll need to make our easy-to-follow recipes.

Build Strong Team Relationships By Cooking Together

Easy, Tasty & Fun

Hobby Hill Farm offers instructional classes on a variety of foods at our store in Powhatan as well as off site locations including farms, wineries and public locations offered through various counties via Parks & Recreation.

Laugh & Learn Together

We all know work can sometimes be overwhelming. Building strong bonds with coworkers can bring more productivity and create a more collaborative workplace.

Our classes are designed to bring joy and laughter.

Perfect for the ultimate team bonding experience. Cooking has never been so fun!

Cook, Connect & Enjoy

When you sign your team up for our Corporate Cooking Classes, you'll be supported every step of the way in an engaging and fun environment in the Hobby Hill Culinary Classroom!

Learn how to make tasty foods and have a blast with fellow coworkers.

Here's What To Expect When You Enroll...

Safe + Sanitary

We are keeping safe with distanced stations and frequent sanitizing in line with Virginia's COVID guidelines.

Expert Guidance

I am a culinary expert with decades of experience making delectable food and teaching others to do the same.

Fresh Food

You will learn how to make delicious dishes without harmful additives or preservatives. Knowing what's in your food will positively change your life into a more healthy and wholesome one.

Here Is Exactly What You Get When You Sign Up For Our

Corporate Cooking Classes

-- Psst! It's the PERFECT RECIPE to bond with your team!

1.) A 2-Hour Engaging Session in the Hobby Hill Culinary Classroom in Powhatan, Virginia

2.) Hands-On Instruction, With One-on-One Help as Necessary

3.) Easy-to-Follow Recipes

4.) The Perfect Environment to Laugh and Learn Together

5.) All the Supplies You'll Need to Make the Tastiest Recipes From Scratch

6.) Delicious and Fresh Food To Enjoy with your Fellow Coworkers at the End of the Session!

About Your Host: Sharon Munyak

Owner of Hobby Hill Farm Fresh Cafe & Bakery in Powhatan, VA

I am often asked: How did you become involved in the culinary world? The answer is simple. I reconnected with a friend in 2008 who owned a dairy cow. I became very interested in making my own cheese. I love knowing my food is fresh and healthy.

Cooking has been a therapeutic experience for me and I became passionate about sharing it with others.

Food has united people for centuries. Cooking dishes from scratch and sharing them with others can create really strong bonds. This is why I made Corporate Cooking Classes available.

The basics you learn in my classes can be carried forward into your day-to-day life, whether you are cooking for yourself or hosting guests, you are guaranteed to always have delicious and fresh foods.

What Fellow Cooking Students Are Saying

Jan F.

"I never dreamed that I could make my own mozzarella. Hobby Hill Farm was at our winery and we jumped at the chance to make fresh cheese."

Julie H.

"Sharon is an amazing educator, entertaining and informative! Tina made some awesome ricotta...a really great time was had by all!

Thank you, I can’t wait for the holiday tea with my daughters!!"

Cheryl & Amy

"Making mozzarella with your best friend is so much fun. Look at our beautiful cheese."

Check Out The Top Questions I've Received About

My Corporate Cooking Classes

Have a question? Let's get it answered!

What does a corporate cooking class entail?

My corporate cooking classes offer you a mountain of benefits professionally and personally. You will be able to bond with the awesome people you work with and also learn cooking skills that you can use in your personal life.

What tools do I need?

All you need is a positive attitude and a love for food! We have everything you need right here at the Hobby Hill Culinary Classroom, though we do recommend bringing an apron and container to take your delicious food home with you.

How do I book a corporate cooking class and what's the price?

I can't wait to meet you and your team! You are going to have a blast. There is a variety of pricing options you can choose from. Simply click the button below to discover the best option that fits your team's needs.

What do I get when I sign up?

Oh boy. When you arrive at our Culinary Classroom we'll give you and your team everything you need to make my delicious recipes! That includes step-by-step instructions, tools, ingredients... and we'll even lend you an apron if you don't have one to wear!

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